Our school celebrated for the famous German translator, retired the cadre Zhang Zaiyang professor, ninety - year - old birthday


On 17th October morning, our class retired the cadre professor Zhang Zaiyang’s ninety - year - old birthday is approaching,, the organization department minister Zhou bin, The Secretary of the Party committee of School of language and culture Xu Xian wen and the vice secretary Tang Lei went to professor Zhang’s for his birthday with a birthday cake, flowers and birthday consolation money. Meanwhile , they brought the blessings of schools and colleges. The ninety - year - old professor Zhang Zaiyang are sprightly, clear-thinking, smiling broadly. He expressed gratitude to the school committees and colleges for too much care and miss, and we talked about his keeping fit.

Professor Zhang Zaiyang is not only a famous German translator from china, but also a professor teaches German language and literature in our school, who studied In Tongji university, graduated from Beijing foreign languages institute (now Beijing foreign studies university).He had been to Tiananmen square to participate in the founding ceremony as a representative of the teachers and students, and was  inspected by many national leaders such as chairman MAO.It is too early to participate in the translation theory of war, which includes a group of German work progress. such as "the German social Democratic Party history. In 1984,he compilation "german-chinese atmospheric science vocabulary", which became a necessary professional foreign language translation reference books later.

Since she retired in 1989, Professor Zhang Zaiyang has been writing all the time, and have participated in the editing and publishing of some German tool books, such as the editing and publishing of "difficult problem", "German Grammar Dictionary", "German Literature", "new Chinese Dictionary Chinese Idiom Dictionary" He is also be invited to make a corporation with others to translate three Poetic dramas: the German history that is vital to understand and research the history of German , the Illegitimate daughter and so on. They are included in the works of the Von Goethe