MTI Education Center


The NUIST MTI Education Center, affiliated to the School of Languages and Cultures, boasts an outstanding faculty experienced in translation practice and strong in their respective researches and offers a master’s degree program that specializes in training Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese translation or interpretation professionals.

The MTI degree, short for Master of Translation and Interpreting, is a professional level of education approved by the Commission of Academic Degrees of the State Council of China. The NUIST MTI Education Center was established in 2014 to offer two-year full-time programme, which aims to prepare students for translation qualifications and future careers as skilled, high-level, professional translators or interpreters with adequate language proficiency and strong professional ethics. The programme curriculum is designed to equip students with practical experience for cross-cultural and cross-language communication, and the graduates are expected to deliver a full range of language translation services and language interpretation services in various fields at professional, practical and advanced levels.



ProfessorsXu Xianwen;  Zhang Jun;  Zhao Yaming; Wang Hui; Fan Yong; He Sanling; Chen Zhijie

Associate Professors: Liping;Lu Huaguo; Zheng Youqi; Lv Hongyan; Yang lincong; Wu Jianlan; Xia Yuling; Zhang Houzheng; Xiong Mingli

Lectures; Du Yusheng