The Translation Theory and Practice Research Group


The Translation Theory and Practice Research Group was founded in 2009. It currently has 16 members, including 3 professors, 4 associate professors and 3 doctors. What makes the group distinctive is that equal importance is attached to both theoretical studies and translation practice. The group has so far translated 20 books and wrote 7 monographs and 120 papers. Besides, its members headed or participated in about 60 projects funded by governmental organizations at different levels. The past six years has witnessed a steady growth of its influence in the translation academia.

Key members and their research fields or expertise

Prof. He Sanning, translation quality assessment

Prof. Fan Yong, translation ofChinawords

Prof. Chen Zhijie, translative ethics

Dr Li Ping, comparative literature, Lin Yutang study

Dr Lu Huaguo, terminology translation

Mr Zhou Youhua, meteorology translation

Ms Wu Jianlan, EST and translation

Ms Shen Guangqiu, interpretation