Jiangsu Popular Science Research Center


The history of Jiangsu  Popular Science  Research Center dates back to Meteorological History Research Society of China, which was established in 1983. Jiangsu  Popular Science  Research Center is a collaborative innovation platform based on national key discipline Meteorology which founded in 2012. It also combines multidisciplinary resources like Science Communication, Science Education, Public Management, New Media Communication as well as others.

The center believes in “basing on disciplines and tracking frontier researches”. Based upon researches in fields like meteorological history material collection and digitization, science communication and science education, science and technology communication history and others, the center has four research directions (teams), and has built its advantages and characters in History of Meteorological Science and Technology, Policy of Meteorological Science and Technology, Control over Climate and Ecology Environment, Popular Science in Meteorology.

Over three years, the center has gathered strength and developed rapidly under the concern and supports from school administers. In 2013, the center was named “Base for Popular Science Education in Jiangsu Province”. In 2014, the center was listed “Training Base for Popular Science Experts”.

During recent five years, the center has carried on more than ten projects including national nature science funds, Nonprofit Industrial Special Funds from Science and Technology Department, Humanities and Social Science Funds from Education Department, Soft Science Objects from The China Meteorological Administration, Jiangsu Social Science Funds and contract founding is 2,200,000 RMB. Nonprofit industrial funds from Science and Technology Department areChina’s first popular science research in meteorology. The research teams from the center have published nearly 80 study papers, 3 books and more than 20 reports.

As in studying and researching on popular science products, the center has achieved a lot and has been in the frontier universities of popular science products. For nearly three years, the center has made more than 60 brochures, over 40 audios and videos, 6 popular science games as well as several popular science machines. Besides, those popular science videos won the first place in 2012 and 2014 National Elite Video Public Class, and second price in the Ninth China Meteorological Science Works.

About popular science nonprofit activities, the center established cooperative relationships with many science and technology museums, primary schools and high schools such as China Meteorology History Museum in Nanjing Arctic Club, Meteorological Science and Technology Museum in Maanshan, Suqian High School, Affiliated Primary School to Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, The Second Foreign Languages School of Nanjing. All these have received widespread praise.