Xu Xianwen


Xu Xianwen, Prof. of Linguistics,


School of Languages and Cultures, NUIST

Office Location: Wende N406

Business Phone: 86 25 58695737

Email: 000445@nuist.edu.cn


Courses taught since 2011:

Reading, Writing and Translation for Masters of Engineering

Introduction to Chinese Characters for International Students

On-line Writing for General Electives

IELTS Writing for BS in Atmospheric Majors

Writing for BA in Translation and Interpretation


Research Interests:

Xu is a Professor in linguistics in the School. His main linguistic specialization is the study of EFLT, or Applied Linguistics, bilingual cultures and translation, and his research has recently fuelled other interests, primarily within the areas of Embodied Cognition, and language cognition, particularly putting forward a new paradigm of cognitive linguistics, namely, Embodied Language Cognition, ELC for short. In addition to documentary collection in ELC, Xu is currently engaged in collaborative research with his colleagues in the emerging Embodied Cognition.


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Publications-2 Works:

A Study of Embodied Language Cognition, Beijing: People’s Publishing House December, 2013


Publications-3 Textbooks:

1.       Topical English Speed-reading Book 4 editor-in-chief, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 2007

2.       Selected Readings for Lightning Professionals editor-in-chief ( 2/4) Meteorological Press 2007

3.       College English Vocabulary of New Requirements subeditor Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 2007

4.       Humanistic Message for MET 8 subeditor Nanjing University Press 2005